Hong Kong

Hong Kong on a Sunday. What a place to be. I only spent four days in this little land (whose classification is different depending on who you talk to…), but it was truly a land worth visiting. My wonderfully exploring-inclined second cousin Adam was kind enough to show me around for a day. Yes, that means my Second-Cousin Hangout in Asia count hit a whopping 3!

Here’s Adam! I made him pose for a portrait in front of a cool cellphone cartoon wall mural.

Even though Hong Kong is by far the most humid place I have ever been in my life, it is a cacophony of experiences all mounted precariously on a peninsula and major island. Its skyline alone is a sprawling wonder – how does it not drop into the drink?? Then there’s its mountainous hiking, both in rural and city settings. And on top of all that there are cultural remnants of British colonization blended right amongst the characteristics of urban China.

I thought the verb choice was interesting here. =| (I mean, they’re not wrong.)

Hong Kong is labeled “Asia’s World City.” By this I’m sure they are referring to the presence of different culture pockets carved out of the crowded vertical landscape by decades of globe trotters who came for the trade and stayed for the goose (not duck). Coming from mainland China, Hong Kong seemed to me to be the least Asian place I’d been all year. For one thing, the number of foreigners crowding Hong Kong Island was more than I’d seen since I left that silly little island in southern Thailand. Many of these foreigners are among the world’s biggest financial influencers in their perfectly tailored suits and cognac leather shoes, which must kill their feet after walking thousands of steps every day. — FUN FACT: According to a recent study, Hong Kong is the most active country in the world with an average 6,880 steps per day per person. (My step count was around 70k in four days.) China is second by only about 700 steps less per day. That’s what’s up.

Back to HK. It’s a place that deserves more than four days. I’ll need to go back to give island hiking a chance and eat some of the famed Indian food. Also, I’m sort of dying to see it in the sunlight. Sunlight seems to be a sort of mythical being there, but I’ve seen photo evidence. Finally I’d like to give a big shoutout to the Star Ferry! Ferries are cool in general, but few have a view like this one that treks across Victoria Harbor all day long. See you sometime, Hong Kong!


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