Boy oh boy, did I have to resist the urge to title this post BAEjing! Can’t make that joke too many times, eh?

In May I finally was able to fulfill my last true China requirement by making my trip to the capital city and subsequently the Great Wall of China. And to make as many Mulan references as possible. After all, you are not a man until you see the Great Wall. Wait. That’s not –

This trip was made extra spectacular by the addition of two good-time engineers that I know. Their names are Catie and Erich, and they didn’t even get mad at me for allowing us to get lost for two hours. Adventure Cousins FTW!

Beijing is hot and has little to no nai cha (milk tea/bubble tea/boba tea). Other than that we liked it, especially due to all the wonderful people we got to see/meet while there. Pro Tip: Maybe don’t hike to the farthest reaches of the Wall and then immediately following that go hike all over the Summer Palace. Your legs will thank you.

The Gardens of the Temple of Heaven

Foreigners in China:

This particular part of the park was closed, but this man below stuck his iPad between the doors to GET THAT SHOT. Less than a minute later the slightly ajar door was slammed shut.

The flower that blooms in adversity is the most rare and beautiful of them all.


The Forbidden City

Very China:

Beihai Park was my favorite place in Beijing. It is just lovely.

Beijing made a man out of Erich.


Journey to the Great Wall at Badaling


These mountains look like enough defense against invaders to me, but I’m not 5,000 years old so what do I know?

A couple of pals in matching hats

Asian Girl Pose #1:

Asian Girl Pose #2:

Two more good hats



The Summer Palace



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