…is one of the coolest places in the world, I say. I didn’t realize how much I’d become infatuated with it in just four short days. A few observations –

  • Frenzied, brightly lit crossings sidled right up next to alleyways of tiny, cozy neighborhood bars
  • Styles ranging from 1970s Beatles to the popular Asian black and white everything to Harajuku to professional pop to boho to everything else imaginable
  • Some of the best vehicles for espresso I’ve enjoyed in months
  • The most delightful of subway station musical themes (think Wes Anderson’s use of classical symphony X Mario)

I felt like I was watching a city evolving right before my eyes. Yet at the same time the friendliness of the people and the calm of the less touristy spots felt very at peace. It’s certainly a city I need more of in my life. See you in 2020, Tokyo.

Shibuya Crossing

A different side of Shinjuku in the morning

Tsukiji Fish Market








Meiji Jingu Shrine was a wooded paradise nestled right inside the city’s urban sprawl.



Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building – best free view in town



Shinjuku – the busy side

Tokyo Museum of Western Art




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